Dannielynn Hope, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead, successfully underwent surgery to treat an eye condition known as Strabismus.

ET confirmed the news on Tuesday, and Larry said, “Dannielynn is home from surgery and resting comfortably.” Contrary to false reports, no cameras were present during the surgery.


Dannielynn was recently diagnosed with having Strabismus, an eye condition commonly known as “cross eyed.” Anna Nicole’s half sister, Donna Hogan told OK! in January that the condition is hereditary on Anna Nicole’s side of the family. “I can confirm that it is hereditary on our father’s side of the family,” she said. Hogan’s own 14 year old daughter suffers from the same condition and is awaiting surgery.

And as for the rumors that Dannielynn developed Strabismus as a result of Anna’s drug use, Larry says not so. “All the doctors told me that it was more than likely genetic,” he told OK!.

Hogan said she understands how people might think Anna’s drug use could be the cause but says she truly believes the condition is genetic. “That’s the first thing that goes through your mind, but as someone who knows the family history and saw the signs right away in Dannielynn, of course I knew what was going on.”


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