I just had my second session with my trainer and I am so sore!

But it feels really good to be working out again. I just keep thinking “bathing suit” with every crunch and squat.

My NutriSystem is helping to keep me on track with the food program. It’s much easier to want to work out when you’re eating healthy. (Although I did sneak in a bit of pollo asada over the Memorial Day weekend — you can’t deny yourself everything!)

On my days between workouts, I’m doing 30 minutes of cardio at least once a day… Sometimes twice!

It can be a bit challenging trying to coordinate my schedule with baby Zoie, but she has been cooperating so far. She’s such an amazing baby!

My husband and I take her with us on walks in the evening, she really likes that. Plus, Cody and I both get some exercise!

I can’t wait until I start seeing the results of all this hard work!

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