Twilight’s Peter Facinelli and Edie Falco team up for Showtime’s Nurse Betty, which gets the premiere treatment Tuesday at NYC’s Directors Guild of America.

Peter plays Dr. Cooper in the dark comedy premiering June 8, and he’s buzzing about his time at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. What did he think of the outrageous BrunoEminem encounter?

“I’ve gotta think it’s fixed,” the kind, cool hubby of Jennie Garth tells me. “I’ve just gotta think it’s fixed because if Sacha Cohen was about to fall on me, I’d move. I’d get up. Just that it landed so perfectly, it’s gotta be fixed. But that’s the genius of Sacha CohenSacha Baron Cohen? – you’re not quite sure. You never know.”

Peter is loving the attention.

“To be in an auditorium where people are screaming like the Beatles showed up, I mean, that’s a cultural phenomenon that you just never expect,” he says. “I mean, every time I walk into a room and there’s screaming, I kind of look behind me like ‘are they really screaming for me?’ And it’s kind of nice. It’s humbling. I feel great being a part of it.”

Edie stars in Nurse Betty as the lead character. What’s the strangest thing she’s ever seen in a hospital?

“On those emergency room shows, I see all kinds of crazy stuff,” the self-proclaimed reality fan tells me. “There was a man who fell on a tree, and it went through his whole body. It landed on his butt, and went through his entire body, up to here [points to neck].  That was a little odd.”

Her two young kids won’t sneak a peek of this series.

“Unless there’s, like, an animated builder in it, they will not be watching it, no,” the good-humored actress laughs.

The lights dim, and screening begins with stars including LL Cool J, Julianna Margulies, Stockard Channing, Swoosie Kurtz, Dan Lauria and Steve Buscemi watching.

Two episodes later, and we’re off to the afterparty at Le Parker Meridien, which is designed like a hospital. Stars take swigs of specialty “Painkiller” cocktails including the Vicotini, Oxy Cosmo and SPG Purple Potion. It even has an MRI Photo Booth; Oxygen Bar filled with eight scents including lavender, jasmine, watermelon, eucalyptus, lime, lemongrass, tangerine and peppermint; and cafeteria line of hamburgers, fries and pasta. The kitchen is covered by hospital partitions, and “Get Well” balloon bouquets decorate the space.

Ooh, gift bag time! On the way out, guests pick up baby blue scrubs emblazoned with Nurse Jackie. Hm, I hear scrubs make comfy PJs?

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