Elisabeth Rohm looks forward to spending life with daughter Easton.

“I hope to give her a really positive outlook on life,” she tells me. “I hope that I can continue to nurture the awe that children have throughout her teens and twenties and thirties and however long I’m around. I hope we have a lot of fun together, and a lot of great adventures. I hope she’s a very kind and tolerant, accepting and generous person, but also I just want to have fun with her.”

Would she encourage her to go into showbiz?

“I hope she discovers how big the world is and has multiple interests and she travels and sees the diversity out there,” she says. “I hope she’s a great philanthropist, but if she wants to be an artist, that’s fine with me too.”

Are more kids on the way for Elisabeth’s crew?

“I would love to have more kids, but right now I’m going to be doing a few projects so probably for the next couple of years, I may not,” she says. “I could definitely see myself having more.”

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