While other new moms diet, hit the gym or, in the case of Nicole Richie, wear tummy-reducing undergarments, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is shedding her pregnancy weight by throwing nightly dance parties in her New York home. But don’t expect Paris Hilton or Tara Reid to be lining up behind this velvet rope — Elisabeth caters to a slightly younger crowd.

“After dinner, Grace, Taylor and I have our dance parties,” the mother of two reveals to OK! at JCPenney’s launch of their clothing line American Living. And, according to the controversial View co-host, it’s her 2-year-old daughter that’s deejaying these nightly shindigs. “Grace is into "Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey — she has that on repeat — and she loves Rascal Flatts and Bob Marley.”

As for Elisabeth’s football-playing hubby, Tim, he tells OK! he’ll only dance “when it’s our family and no one else is around.”

Right now, 3-month-old baby Taylor is just watching from the sidelines at the Hasselbeck disco. “Tummy time is a big deal,” Elisabeth explains of his own favorite time with mom. "Holding his head up, looking around, pretty much admiring his big sister — aside from all the head butts she’s giving him.”

But those head butts must be Grace’s idea of affection because, as the 30-year-old mom explains, “The first person she wants to see in the morning is him so this is a mom’s dream come true.”

By: Alisandra Puliti

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