Rock-a-bye baby indeed! Levi Alves McConaughey, the month-old tot of Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves, isn’t one to keep his mom and pop from having their fun. In fact, they’ve already taken him to his first John Mellencamp concert.

"We’ve taken him out," the actor tells CNN’s House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta for a show airing in two parts, Aug. 9 and Aug. 16. "Everywhere we go, we’re getting him traveling with us to get him equipped to be around sights and sounds of people… So our life has not changed. It just takes a little more prep time to do whatever it is you’re going to do."

The process of bringing Levi into the world wasn’t quite so simple — the labor lasted nearly 60 hours — but Matthew is thankful for that experience as well.

"It was a great journey for both of us… We call it the best dance we’ve ever had."
In the process, the pair smartly chose to store the baby’s cord blood, which may be helpful to Levi down the road, as well as the placenta, which the new parents intend to bury as part of an aboriginal custom.

"That’s fertile ground, so to speak," he explains. "We’re going to plant it. It’s going to be in the orchards and it’s going to bear some wonderful fruit… When I was in Australia, they had a placenta tree… All the placentas of all that tribe went under one tree and it was this huge behemoth of just health and strength. And this tree was just growing taller and stronger above the rest of Mother Nature around it. It was gorgeous."

Matthew also explains the fateful purpose behind the name Levi, which is actually another name for Matthew in the bible.

"A favorite verse of mine in the book of Matthew in the Bible, 6:22 is my favorite verse – we had a few names that we were thinking of naming the child, right? And Levi is one of them. But all of a sudden Levi comes into the world and the first cry out of his mouth, we look up and it’s 6:22 p.m. We were just like, oh my God, are you kidding me?"

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