So, the dreaded bathing suit day finally arrived over the weekend. I knew it was going to be here soon and I have to admit — It was stressing me out!

It was a pool party at Dave Coulier’s house for his girlfriends’ birthday. From the day I got the invite, I was on the great bathing suit hunt. But I made it through and I actually felt and looked great!

All this working out and eating healthier is really showing results. Looking in the mirror and seeing something I’m happy with felt amazing. All you ladies out there, you feel my pain!

I was scared to even try on the bathing suit at first, but I put it on and despite horribly unattractive lighting and all the other dressing room dangers, I smiled! Then when Saturday arrived and I knew it was time for the real deal, I was truly nervous. (Add in the fact I haven’t had a tan in about 10 months!)

But I put on the suit and walked out of the bathroom, where my husband saw me and said, “Wow! Babe, you look great!” I was jumping for joy! And man, with this 114-degree weather, taking a swim was fantastic.

So, little by little, I’m making it through the hurdles of summer with increasing confidence in myself! I’m still working hard and sticking to my Nutrisystem plan, but it’s days like this past Saturday that keep me going towards my goal.

And now that my trainer Josh comes once a week and gives me my list of exercises to do on my own, it’s really up to me to keep myself on track. That can be hard sometimes, but I feel so good about myself when I do! Here’s a cheers to the first bathing suit day of summer with many more to come!!

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