Jack Black is a dad again!

The funnyman’s wife, Tanya Haden, gave birth to a boy named Thomas last week, Entertainment Tonight reports.

The 38-year-old announced the news to ET at the Kung Fu Panda premiere, telling the show his new son was "fresh out of the oven."

Thomas is named after Jack — the actor’s given name — and is the couple’s second child and joins big brother Samuel, who turns 2 on June 10.

Hopefully now, Samuel will know which of his parents gave birth. Jack’s been bumping bellies left and right with Tanya and his expectant Kung Fu Panda co-star Angelina Jolie, but because of his round midsection, he recently revealed on The Tonight Show that his son thought daddy was pregnant too.

“He sees mama’s bump on her belly and he goes up to her, points at her belly, and says, ‘baby,’ so he knows. But then the other day he pointed at my belly and said, ‘baby,’ so I don’t know if he really has the concept down,” Jack said. “And he also pointed at my chest area and said, ‘boobies,’ so I need to drop a couple [pounds] I think.”

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