One day after his mother, Britney Spears, brought him to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center for a food-related issue that caused an allergic reaction, TMZ is reporting that 2-year-old Jayden James has been released from the hospital. Cameras caught the pop singer whisking her son home with what looked like a security escort on Monday evening.


Earlier today, Britney posted a statement about her son’s ordeal on her Web Site, saying:

"Jayden James Federline was admitted to the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center on Sunday, November 9th. Doctors concluded he had a reaction to something he ingested. He is expected to be discharged tomorrow."


The whole Spears family rallied together to rush the 25 miles to the Southwest Mississippi Regional Center on Sunday, after Jayden became sick. When Britney called 911 she was told it would be quicker to drive to the hospital rather than wait half an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

No word on whether Jayden’s dad, Kevin Federline, has been notified. Britney reportedly had been trying to reach him all day.

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