The Today Show anchor Jenna Wolfe has a few postpartum workout secrets—and they’re all about keeping your priorities straight. In a recent interview with Fit Pregnancy, the celebrity, who gave birth to her child less than a year ago (we kid you not!), spilled on how she managed to lose the baby weight and why making exercise a priority will yield results.

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When asked if she was ever tempted to skip a workout (and aren’t we all?), Jenna revealed, “If you don’t make it a priority, it’s not going to be a priority. If you made working out as important as you make working, you’d always make it to the gym. Remember: You look at yourself in the mirror the end of every night. You don’t look at your boss. So give yourself as much of an opportunity to do as much as you can, and I promise it will all pay off in the end.”

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Inspirational and so true! So what were the workout methods of her choice? Jenna told Fit Pregnancy that she relied on power-walking and lightweight lifting while she was pregnant and started power-walking uphill after having her baby!

Click HERE to get the specifics behind her exercise and nutrition changes and more on celebrity postpartum workout routines. 

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