Could anybody really be as squeaky clean as the Jonas Brothers seem? It sounds like Jenny McCarthy, for one, has her doubts.

Before their concert in L.A. on Friday, the actress and comedian told OK! at that she is "really proud of what they’ve done so far with their image," but can’t help but suspect there could be a dark side just waiting to break free from behind those angelic smiles.

Jenny said that as mom to six-year-old son Evan, she loves that their, "very clean cut, good lyrics," but added, "I’m hoping that they can continue this image — and not just because Disney is making them!"

"The proof is in the future," she said.


"I’m really hoping that they can see that it is successful and giving parents something to be okay with."


The boys were doing a private show for celebrity families to celebrate the launch of American Eagle Outfitters’ new kids’ range, 77Kids, at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

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