Tony Romo better rest up, because Jessica Simpson doesn’t just want a child – she wants six of them!

“I’d love six kids running around, but I guess I’ll have to start pretty soon,” the Do You Know artist told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.


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As for her Dallas quarterback boyfriend Tony, Jessica isn’t squeamish about expressing her feelings.


“It’s a beautiful relationship,” she says. “He’s everything I could dream of and I really love him. I’m proud to be his girlfriend.”


Although she’s been criticized in the past for revealing her loving feelings too soon, a la her relationship with John Mayer, Jess isn’t worried this time around about admitting her love to the world.


“Even if things don’t work out between Tony and me — though, knock on wood, I believe they will — I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said,” she reveals. “That’s just how I love. I’m all in and I live one moment at a time. If I’m happy, I’ll talk about being happy. Maybe I do talk too much, but I still feel as if I’m holding back."


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