John Stamos‘ mom is getting impatient.

While many gals love the fact the ER doc is a bachelor, his mom Loretta would rather have him be a husband and, more importantly, a dad.

“I truly hope that he finds a lovely woman, marries her and I don’t care if he adopts a baby — I think that would be marvelous — or if he has a baby, either way it would be marvelous,” she tells OK! at the Vanguard Cancer Foundation’s “Denim & Diamonds” bash in Long Beach honoring Dr. Robert Nagourney.

Also marvelous would be if that grandchild was a boy so the family can carry on their namesake tradition. “That’s the way the Greeks do it. It’s William John Stamos, John William Stamos and it goes on and on. So we need a grandson named after my husband.”

Guaranteeing a grandson for Loretta would be easiest if John adopted, and he suggested to OK! last month that may be an option.

“That’s fine or he can have a dozen,” she says, adding that her 44-year-old son would make a great father given how he is with his nieces and nephews. “He’s just has a great time with them and they adore him. They just hang all over him and he’s very good to them, so I know he would make a marvelous father. And he’s going to make a marvelous husband too when he finds the right woman.”

Loretta has an idea of what makes that right woman. “I’d love to see him with a woman who is spiritual, who knows the meaning of love, who wants to be a mother, who has compassion for the same things he does, who is passionate about helping and loving people,” she says.

But slow down, John says. Before his mom can get way ahead of herself, the actor says he’s enjoying bachelorhood for the time being.

“I’ve been through a myriad of thoughts on how to be single, but now I’m the most comfortable I’ve been with it,” he tells OK!. “I’m just embracing it. It sounds corny but at first you have to be happy with yourself, and finally, I think I’ve gotten to that point where I’m happy to be alone, happy to wake up by myself.”

By Jon Warech

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