With all the buzz over his performance as a convicted barber/serial killer in this month’s Sweeney Todd, it’d be safe to assume Johnny Depp is a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination come next month. But not one yearning for the trappings of success, the actor, who’s twice been nominated for a golden statuette, says he’s not getting ahead of himself.

“They say my job is done on the film,” Johnny tells Extra. “It’s none of my business what happens after that.”

The musical, in which the 44-year-old plays the title character, marks Johnny’s sixth collaboration with quirky director Tim Burton, but it could’ve chronologically been their fourth if all things went according to plan.

“Tim dropped the CD off at my house six years ago and then waited to ask me if I wanted to do the movie with him,” Johnny says.

When filming finally commenced on the flick earlier this year, it wasn’t without obstacles either. Johnny’s daughter, Lily-Rose, 8, was admitted to the hospital for a severe illness, causing Johnny to take a two-week leave of absence and production to halt. Now that she’s recovered, the star, who also has a son Jack, 5, with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, isn’t taking any moment for granted especially with the holidays coming up.

“Hanging out with the kiddies," Johnny says of his holiday plans. "Wait for Santa Claus."

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