Just because Julia Roberts hasn’t appeared in a leading lady role since 2001 (America’s Sweethearts), don’t call her role in Duplicity a comeback – the mom of three says she feels plenty busy, thank you very much.


"Well, it doesn’t seem like that long ago that Charlie Wilson’s War came out, and then I have a movie [Fireflies in the Garden] coming out on Father’s Day, so I mean I feel busy," she tells Moviefone.com’s Inside/Movies. "I think somebody said that I made 13 movies in the past 6 years," including voiceovers for animated movies, which totally counts, Julia adds.


"Well work is work," she says. "If I leave my house to go to work, it’s work."


And Julia considers her time out of the spotlight as time well spent taking care of Phinnaeus, Hazel and Henry, her kids with hubby Danny Moder.


"Early on, I mean, I would take any job that was offered – not really," she quips. "But, yeah, I never quite had that kind of momentum in work that some people do. I admire it; I think I’m lazier than that."

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