While most of the country spends Tuesday night glued to their TVs, waiting  to hear the results of the presidential election, it was life as usual for Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise.

On Tuesday afternoon, our eyewitness spotted Katie, wearing all black and Suri, sporting a striped tee and clutching her blanket, catching up on some important mother-daughter bonding time.

Despite having to be at the theater for her performance in All My Sons at 7 p.m., Katie seemed relaxed and interested only in spending time with her daughter when, just after 5 p.m., she took Suri for a walk up and down the block outside their East Village apartment.

The witness tells OK! that Mrs. Cruise whispered sweetly to her 2-year-old daughter, asking her, "do you want to get some pizza?"

"Suri was leading Katie and being very playful, going back and forth, pulling her mommy’s hand," the eyewitness tells OK!. "Suri was in a very happy mood. She even laughed and smiled at the paparazzi."

As a car followed close behind, mom and daughter ambled up 4th avenue to Pizza Place Pie in the Union Square area, where Katie ordered Suri a slice of tomato mozzerella, holding her on her lap while the 2-year-old ate, bouncing happily up and down on Katie’s legs.

Then it was off to the theater! Katie and Suri dashed home with just enough time for the actress to make it to her show.

An eyewitness tells OK!, "They had been inside the entire day and this was their first day out. It was a very cute mother-daughter dinner date." 

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