Lance Armstrong is "happy" with Kate Hudson, but he’s not going to talk about it.

Appearing on The View on Tuesday, the seven-time Tour de France champ was of course grilled about his relationship with Kate by Barbara Walters — only because she was instructed to.

"[Kate was on last week] and she said, ‘Ask him,’" Babs said.

To which Lance replied, "Number one, I know you have to ask that question. Number two, when you’re happy about something or proud of something, it’s natural to talk about it…but no, I’m not going to answer it."

His girlfriend of a month was equally vague last week, saying she doesn’t talk about her personal life.

Lance was more forthcoming when it came to his kids, Luke, 8, and twins, Isabella and Grace, 6, and what they did on Father’s Day. The clan spent the day with Kate, her son Ryder, 4, and her ex-husband, Chris Robinson in Brooklyn.

"We went to lunch and brunch and then we went to see The Incredible Hulk," he shares. "And then we watched Tiger Woods. My son — he’s never sat down and watched a sporting event like that."

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