A year after settling into Anna Nicole Smith‘s spacious Los Angeles mansion with Dannielynn, Larry Birkhead is having a change of heart and is looking for a change of location.

The Kentucky native has been considering packing up and heading back home to raise his 1-year-old daughter, where she could "grow up around my family and all her cousins," Larry tells OK!.

"I always thought [Anna Nicole’s house] would be great for Dannielynn to grow up there, but there’s no yard, tons of stairs and it’s over a canyon," he says. "I need something more child-friendly."

But don’t throw a farewell party just yet. Contrary to numerous reports, Larry, 35, insists he has not set a moving date.

"Kentucky is a great place to grow up," he says. "One day down the road I’d like to take her away from all the craziness in Los Angeles."

But when father and daughter do make the move, they will already have a house to call a home.

"I bought it in [Louisville] in April for $330,000," Larry says. "It’s a fixer-upper, it needs a lot of work. I’ll have to get one of those Extreme Makeover guys to come in!"

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