Well, my time in North Carolina is coming to an end!

It’s been really fun though, but a lot of work. I tried to do my best with eating healthy while I was here, but I didn’t get to work out much at all. With me, Cody and Zoie in a little studio apartment and being gone about 12 hours a day, I’ve had no time or room to keep up with my workout regimen.

Yet somehow, I feel like I’ve lost some weight. My pants are a bit looser — I have no idea how it happened, but I’m not asking any questions! Now when I get home, I’m going to hop back on the treadmill and keep up with my program a lot better!

I did bring my Nutrisystem with me though and was able to bring it to the set most days. Thank goodness the food is really easy to take wherever you go, that really saved me from eating some of the unhealthy craft service food! 

These past couple of weeks seem to have gone quickly and now I can’t wait to get home.  It was like a little vacation for the family, but I think going home and laying in my own bed will be the best part. Cody started his drive home late last night in hopes that he’ll arrive back at about the same time as I do this weekend.

Ah, home sweet home!!

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