Infant fever is sweeping Wisteria Lane, thanks to Marcia Cross, 46, proud mom to twin girls Eden and Savannah, 21 months, her first kids with husband Tom Mahoney.


“Marcia’s so besotted with her daughters that she can’t wait to get home to them,” her co-star Dana Delany told OK!.


Marcia’s devotion to her girls should come as no surprise, as the actress has admitted in the past she didn’t think she’d have babies this late in life.


Meanwhile, Eva Longoria Parker, 33, seems to be practicing for a child of her own by making dresses for her nieces on set.


“There’s no question she would be a good mom,” Dana, 52, tells OK! of the star, who’s fueled baby rumors in the past by wearing loose-fitting clothing. “She’s a big family person.”

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