With all the traveling he’s been doing around the world, it’s a good thing Matthew McConaughey found a few moments to stop and blog about them for all his fans to read!


"Hey all, back on the west coast after some incredible travels," he writes on his MySpace Celebrity blog, "cool inspirations seen and done via the road and had some real just keep livin (jkl) moments along the way…"


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The buff dad goes on to tell fans about his time backpacking across the desert, camping across America, and celebrating his birthday with nature, as seen in a picture he posted to his blog.


"I spent my 39th birthday on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon…almost got ‘butted’ off the edge by a ram and caught some shooting stars…" he writes. "As for the first sight of the GC, mother nature created something that looks so fake, its real….cool."


Mr. Mellow also reveals that he visited Brazil, the country girlfriend Camila Alves calls home.


"I went to Brazil for the first time to visit my lady’s family and tour the land a bit," he writes. "Found a very proud and happy culture there. We ate, we drank, we danced, and they tolerated my stumbling through the Portuguese language….I will return, beautiful country, beautiful and classy people…thanks Brazil…cool."


And to sign off, Matthew sticks to his familiar, favorite phrase by writing, "just keep livin, mcconaughey."


Totally far out.



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