Baby Honor Warren should enjoy being an only child while she can, as Jessica Alba reveals she and Cash Warren will have some more children.


“We’ll have a few [kids]… three or four," she tells Extra. And now that she’s experienced losing the baby weight, she knows what to expect.


“It didn’t all come off at once. In fact, I shockingly gained weight right after I had the baby," she reveals. "So I worked out. It wasn’t fun. Twice a day. I ate really healthy.”


Now that Honor is big enough to run around on her own little legs, Jessica says chasing after her has replaced her workout regime.


"I don’t really have time to work out so much anymore," she admits. "Running after my daughter and holding her. She’s heavy, so that really helps with the old arm tone.”


Tomorrow Jessica will be joining the EIF Revlon Run/Walk in NYC  to raise awareness for woman’s cancer. “You can feel the energy, the hope when you are there,” she says.



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