I can’t believe it — This Monday, July 14, is my one-year wedding anniversary! 

Time goes by so fast, and this year has been so full of big things! We are planning a BBQ with some friends tomorrow to celebrate, so today has been full of house cleaning and trips to Costco (I love that place!).

What I really want to do this weekend though is find some time with Cody to just be a “couple” for a few hours. Having a new baby definitely changes things — in a wonderful way of course. But there is some adjustment!  Where we used to be able to just run to the store or go see a movie, that now requires a LOT more planning. Lucky for us, we have some willing grandmas to watch Zoie.

And I swear, the baby has uncanny timing to figure out when we’re about to sit and eat or when I finally put my feet up to read a book. All you moms out there can relate, I’m sure!

I think one of the key things to making a relationship work, especially with kids, is having some “adult” time, where the conversations don’t include diapers, bottles and a burp cloth draped over one shoulder! 

So that’s my goal for this weekend — To have my husband all to myself for a couple of hours and remember that before we were parents, we were partners! 

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