It’s baby time for Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber.Liev, 39, revealed he and his girlfriend of two years are expecting a new addition on Monday’s ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien.’ ‘I’m going to be a dad,’ he said. ‘It’s very exciting.’This marks the first time the couple has confirmed the news themselves. After Naomi, 38, attended the Oscars on Sunday, her dress designer, Escada, sent out a press release declaring she was pregnant. Oscar-winning ‘Happy Feet’ director George Miller also divulged she was expecting. Liev stayed in NYC, where he was performing in the Broadway play ‘Talk Radio.’ It’s a strange thing about women. You can take a complete wallflower, quiet girl, and you get them pregnant and suddenly they want to go out all the time and party. So, I gave her grief about going to the Oscars. But, she said no, it’s a very auspicious thing that our embryo was going to be on the Oscars.The couple met in 2005 while filming ‘The Painted Veil.’

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