Brad Pitt sat down with Details magazine and candidly talked about his kids, Angelina Jolie and his private life. He said he had to adjust to having so many kids, but now that he has he assures the magazine: “We’re not done."

He got in depth on his feelings on the paparazzi invading his personal space and the prospect of them getting near his kids. He said, "It’s not going to keep our kids caged in. the only thing that frighten me today is something happening to my kids, or something happening to Angie, or something happening to Angie and I. That happens when they follow you, right. It is the defining annoyance of my life. “

“I don’t want them to be tensing up, and I don’t want them to see or feel any kind of threat,” he continued, “But man, when [photographers] cross the line, you know-if it happened to one of your kids, it’s hard not to want to take them down."And even though Angelina and Brad seem like the most glamourous couple to hit Hollywood’s red carpet, Brad admits he likes to be more low key. He said, “"Without question, relaxing in bed and watching a movie is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve settled down in many ways-when we get invitations to this club or this party, I pick and choose. The best times are quiet times at home."
You can read it all in the new issue of Details, out now.

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