The Twilight movies franchise might have just welcomed their first birth – New Moon castmember Alex Meraz, who will play one of the werewolves in Jacob Black’s pack – is the proud new papa to baby Somack.


Alex and his wife, Kim, took some pictures of the last days of the pregnancy to document their impending parenthood, featured on Celebuzz, with the help of friend and photographer, Iscah Trujillo.

"With every pregnancy there is something very beautiful," Iscah tells Celebuzz. "And they’re so good together."

"Alex is so happy as a father," says Iscah. "He loves it. And you can really see the love come through."

The photo shoot happened casually, as Iscah relates.


"We shot a couple of rolls of film at a friend’s house," says Iscah. "It was natural lighting. We were getting strong shadows, but it works. It made different parts of them stand out."


Wonder if little Somack knows how famous papa Alex is about to be?


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