The saying might traditionally go "First comes love, then comes marriage, then come the babies in the baby carriage," but Nicole Richie is just fine with having love, then Harlow, then another little one and then maybe, along the line, marriage to Joel Madden.


"Of course when I was a little girl, you dream about getting married, and that is definitely a dream of mine one day," the pregnant star said last night on Larry King Live when asked if she and Joel would tie the knot. "Right now, we’re really, really focused on our family, we’re focused on our foundation, and as far as feeling that need of commitment, we both really have that in each other."


So will Nicole and Joel find out the sex of their next baby? Nope!


"We want the surprise… what is there really to plan?" Nicole admitted. "I’ll get the clothes after."

Her dad Lionel Richie is rooting for a boy, and makes no attempt to hide that fact.


"Joel and I are having powwows," he said, as Nicole added, "You should hear them prepping each other."

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