For some big names in Hollywood stars, living a quiet life in Tennessee would be the opposite of an ideal situation. But for Nicole Kidman, who makes her home near Nashville with country star husband Keith Urban and their baby daughter, Sunday Rose, her calm existence is just right.


"Both of us, in terms of what we desire in life, are pretty straightforward and simple," she tells The Tennessean."We never get bothered, and the people are incredibly friendly and easygoing. It really has been a perfect match for me. I don’t want to go on too much about it to the rest of the world because then more people will come here."


The couple are so dedicated to their neighborhood that they evenlend a hand going door-to-door to deliver Meals on Wheels.


"I love doing that because it’s just being part of a community," she says. "That is what is important to both of us, feeling like we’re normal and part of a community.


As for baby Sunday, Nicole is so happy to be raising her daughter in Tennessee, that she hopes she’ll grow up a real country girl.


"I’m glad that she is able to say she’s born and bred in Nashville and Tennessee," the Australia star reveals. "That is really lovely. I think it’s very appropriate, considering her daddy. His whole life was headed here; from a little boy, he dreamed of coming here. For him to be able to say his baby girl was born here, I think is very special. I hope she has a Southern accent."

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