Since Octomom Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets, everyone and their mother has had something to say about it–including Dr. Phil McGraw.

But you knew he had to have an opinion, right?

E! News is reporting that Suleman met privately with Dr. Phil on Tuesday in a closed summit at his Beverly Hills home. Also present was famed attorney Gloria Allred.

The camera-ready Allred praised McGraw but declined to comment on what their meeting was about. There have been reports that Suleman is under investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.

"All I can say is no comment, and it’s all about the babies," Allred told E! of the meeting. "If and when there is anything to say beyond that, definitely everyone will know."

Suleman, 33, sat down for a two-part, face-to-face interview on The Dr. Phil Show last week. While the purpose of today’s visit remains unclear, McGraw has been outwardly critical of the mother of 14, but reluctantly has supported the plight of her children, saying that there are no "other people to consider."


As for Allred’s involvement, Suleman rejected an offer of help made by the nonprofit group Angels in Waiting last month, which would have relied on public donations. Allred represented the group.

Allred also announced last month that she "quietly" submitted a complaint with Family Services asking for a probe into whether Suleman was able to care for her brood.

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