Constance Zimmer’s Entourage will grow by one in December — the actress is expecting her first child with boyfriend Russ Lamoureaux and exclusively tells OK! at the HBO Emmy after party that it’s a girl!
But there’s no name picked out yet for her new daughter. “There’s a part of me that kind of wants to see her (first), and then say, ‘Oh, that’s the name!’” Constance tells OK!, “We’ve narrowed it down to like three or four or five.”
Snug in a tailored vintage Karen Zambos couture gown, the Entourage and Boston Legal actress, who says the pregnancy has been “great,” revealed the happy news was definitely an unexpected surprise. Constance didn’t even know she was a mom-to-be herself until the tail end of her first trimester.

“I found out from the doctor, of course,” she says. “Until I was two and a half months pregnant I didn’t know I was pregnant. So when I found out I was kind of like, ‘I’m sorry? What? You might want to go back and check!’ Of course, it’s a very good surprise. I mean, how could it not be? It’s pretty amazing.”

While she “can’t complain” about the lack of cravings, one thing Constance does have a gripe about is the reported pregnancy side effect of healthier hair. "They always say, ‘Oh my god! Your hair gets so thick and beautiful when you get pregnant.’ I didn’t get that — I’ve still got to put the piece in!"

As for more little ones, the two aren’t ruling out the possibility, but don’t want to look too far ahead yet as they plan on focusing on the impending bundle of joy they have in front of them first.

Also on the back burner are wedding plans. The 36-year-old says she and Russ, whom she’s been dating for one year, will tie the knot “one day,” but it surely won’t be any time soon, and they especially won’t be hasty pregnancy nuptials.

"We just decided that having a baby is a huge commitment already — a bigger commitment than getting married, perhaps,” Constance says. “And we decided that they’re also such different entities that we want to get married because we want to get married. We don’t want to be married because I’m pregnant. We want them to be separate celebrations."

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