OK! has learned that both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met up at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday afternoon for a rendezvous that included several bodyguards.

11:30 am, Brit, following her assistant in a separate car, left her
home in the Summit Circle gated community to make the 10-minute trip to
the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, where Kevin’s security
patrol was already standing guard in the lobby.

Almost an hour
later, Kevin rolled into the hotel in a Dodge Viper truck, entering
through the employee parking lot. Soon thereafter, hotel security,
mentioning a “VIP arrival,” cleared the lobby.

At 1 p.m., Kevin,
who had been smoking outside one of the hotel’s bungalows, made his way
to a small conference room on the hotel’s west side, where sources tell
OK! that Britney was waiting for him. No children were spotted with either parent.

an hour, it was time for another smoke break for Kevin, who exited the
conference room to take up his former position outside the bungalow,
where he enjoyed another cigarette for a few minutes before heading
back into the room.

At approximately 2:45 p.m., Brit left the
hotel via the valet exit, followed by a swarm of photographers, and
headed straight back to her home at Summit Circle. A few minutes later,
Kevin’s truck was seen exiting from the rear of the hotel, though it
was unclear to witnesses whether the aspiring rapper was driving.

the reason for the meeting has yet to be announced, speculation is
rampant that it was for the first of their court-mandated joint
co-parenting counseling sessions with a court-approved therapist.
Therapy poolside in a cabana? How very Hollywood of them.

than likely, it was a get-together organized by their attorneys to try to
calm things down between the two before they meet up in court Friday
for the next hearing in their hotly disputed custody battle.

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