The writers strike is affecting everything in Hollywood these days — including Katie Holmesbaby plans! The Mad Money star is well aware that to be a working actress and a mom, it is crucial to plan pregnancies so they don’ t interfere with her career.


Katie had hoped to begin filming The Other Side this month in Nova Scotia, but the financing has yet to be completed. "She had it all figured out. She’d shoot The Other Side and then get pregnant," Katie’s friend tells OK! (The movie would have been released mid-to-late fall). "She’d have the baby by year-end, go back to work next spring and have another film out by the end of 2009."


According to her friend, the limbo status of the film (which also stars Jason Lee and Woody Harrelson) is driving Katie crazy. "She doesn’t know what to do. If she gets pregnant and The Other Side comes together or the strike ends, and she’s offered something else great, she’ll be off the market," Katie’s friend confides to OK! "Both she and Tom — especially Tom — were hoping to have their next baby before Katie turns 30 in December."


For the full story on Katie’s life with Tom, pick up the new OK! — on stands everywhere Thursday!

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