Proud new mom Jamie Lynn Spears and her newborn daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge, returned home at 1:45 am Saturday morning.  And by "home," OK! can exclusively reveal that this means the Liberty, Mississippi, house the Zoey 101 star purchased last month to start her new life with fiancé Casey Aldridge and their baby.

It had been incorrectly reported by US Weekly and several other media outlets that baby Maddie had been taken back to Serenity, the Kentwood, Louisiana, estate owned by Jamie Lynn’s big sis Britney Spears. After all this is the house where Jamie Lynn grew up and where her mother Lynne Spears still resides. 

However, OK! has learned that many reporters and photographers fell victim to a well-choreograped ruse, which had Casey and Lynne drive back to Serenity with a Jamie Lynn look-alike in the back of the car, thus allowing mom and daughter to make their exit in private, driven separately by private security guards and escorted by state troopers back to their home in Liberty.

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