She’s seen her father, Muhammad Ali, conquer opponents in the ring, and as a boxer herself, Laila Ali knows that confidence is crucial when preparing for a fight.

Her approach to tackling motherhood was no different. “If all these other women have
been able to do it, then so can I,” Laila tells OK!. “I have never been afraid that parenthood was going to be too much for me.”


Indeed, as a new mom to Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr., she’s now experiencing the happiest “challenge” of her life. On Aug. 26, Laila, 30, and her husband, retired NFL star Curtis Conway celebrated the arrival of their first child together.


That’s not to say it was easy.


The correspondent for The Early Show and former Dancing With the Stars contestant had been planning a home birth when complications forced her to deliver at a hospital instead. After 15 hours of labor, her healthy little champ arrived, weighing in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

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“He’s brought a lot of joy to my life,” Laila says.


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