OK! recently had the chance to sit down with superstar actress, wife and mother, Brooke Shields to talk about everything from her new show, Lipstick Jungle, to her adorable kids to her charity work with Chain of Confidence.

Can you tell me a bit about Wendy, your character, in Lipstick Jungle?
Wendy, she’s a studio exec. Runs a film studio and she has two kids.
She’s basically the main breadwinner and that creates a nice conflict.
She’s a good mom and she’s very harried all the time and very smart and
very ambitious and struggling to balance. There are three women and
they rely on one another and their friendship. They lean on one
another. They’re funny and smart and they look fabulous.

You must really relate to Wendy.
I do and I feel a certain kinship to her because I recognize how
difficult it is, and every day is a new challenge and you don’t always
succeed but that doesn’t mean you don’t try. She’s optimistic and I am
too. There’s a humor to her which I have as well and I think without it
we fall apart.

What sort of skills do you feel the girls can learn with the Chain of Confidence program?
It runs the gamut. Part of it is just a place to be to ask questions that you might not have a chance to ask: maybe your mom’s not around; maybe you can’t ask; maybe you’re afraid; maybe you need a more unbiased environment. It’s any type of skill from helping with your homework to what kind of a career you want. I think there’s a lot of freedom within the environment for the young women to find out what their potential is.

How important do you think this sort of program is?
I think it’s incredible. I don’t think it should stop. I think it needs to be put into every chapter. And I think it’s important because it’s very timely.

What’s the best thing about living in New York City?
The parks are amazing. The museums are amazing. Sometimes having a good meal at a corner deli is the best thing.

What do you do with the kids?
When we’re uptown we definitely go to Central Park and we don’t do too much shopping around the city. We like walking around visiting the theater and we have a lot of friends from my Broadway days. We play in the park and love going downtown to Soho. I was born and raised uptown so I found myself going downtown a a lot.

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By Jocelyn Vena

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