With a baby sister for her 2-year-old son, Herme?s, due in June, Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford, 40, — who’s estranged from her entrepreneur husband Daniel Giersch — tells OK! about pregnancy the second time around: “It’s just as exciting!”

Will your character be pregnant?

They aren’t incorporating. I’m using bigger just bigger handbags to cover it up!

The Gossip Girl spin-off is going to be about your character, Lily, when she was younger? How will you be involved?


There’s something that starts out with a flashback or a memory or something that sort of starts it, but beyond that I don’t know how involved I’ll be.

What about the Melrose Place revival?Have the producers approached you about that?


Not at all.

How’s this pregnancy going?

It’s different. I think the first time, everything’s so new. The second time, it’s just as exciting but there are things that you’ve already explored and understand, so it’s a little bit easier on a certain level.

How are you getting your son ready for the new baby?

He’s so excited. We read books and talk about it with playdates and things. He’s really excited about it.

Would you pose for Playboy like your friend Lisa Rinna?

She did Playboy when she was pregnant! She has an insane body! I’m a realist. I look more like a real mom.


By Valerie Nome

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