Melissa Joan Hart‘s schedule has been more than packed lately – in addition to filming movies like Nine Dead and producing another for ABC Family, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch star is also a mom to boys Mason, 3, and Brady, 9 months. OK! caught up with the busy mom to get the latest on her growing family and life as a Hollywood mama.


OK!: What’s the latest with baby Brady?

A: He’s just such a little crazy man, really jealous of his brother’s toys all of a sudden this morning. His dad totally observed it. Mark [Wilkerson] noticed he had to get on Brady for the first time this morning — and Brady turns nine months in two days so all of a sudden, he woke up and is like a different person.  He’s like super jealous about toys and situations like that and if Mason takes away something from him, he’s very aware of it. 

OK!: What kind of personality are you seeing coming out of him now?

Brady’s kind of sensitive. Mason’s much more of a tough guy. Mason is a daddy’s boy who likes to run around and get beat up. Brady’s a lot more delicate — not delicate, but like, he’s a mama’s boy. He likes to be held and he’ll play by himself for a good little bit of time but not a lot. Mason loves to play by himself, he’s very independent.


OK!: Any New Year’s resolutions for yourself and the family?


I haven’t really thought of any New Year’s resolutions yet.  I’ve been so busy! I think we’re moving back east [to the New York area] so I think my resolution would just be to find a great home for my family, just to find a good city, a good community, a great house with good schools so we can plant some roots and watch them grow.

OK!: Why are you leaving L.A.?


I’ve always pictured myself moving back there. My move here was always temporary and it lasted 13 years. The number one thing for my husband is traffic and the number one thing for both of us is seasons. We really want seasons. We want our boys to play in the snow and not to have to explain once a year what rain is.

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