Though Paris Hilton and her Simple Life co-star, Nicole Richie, appeared to have patched up the problems that had them filming their hit reality show separately, the hotel heiress’ latest behavior has some wondering if there are new tensions between the pals.

At a party last night at Vegas club LAX, Paris Hilton inadvertently confirmed rumors of a Christina Aguilera pregnancy when she took the microphone and announced, "Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world," to Aguilera, who was playing host at the event.

This would normally be just another case of Paris putting her size-11 foot in her mouth, but the late-night outburst has insiders wondering, "What about Paris’ other pregnant pal, Nicole Richie?"

"Paris has a history of making backhanded insults like this, so it’s possible she was dissing Nicole," an industry insider explains to OK!. "I don’t think it’s likely though."

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