While sexy starlet Milla Jovovich has made her share of action-packed flicks, she tells OK! that those physical stunts are nothing compared to pregnancy.

“I thought making action films was challenging, but this puts all of that in second place! I mean it’s hard, man. Women are amazing!,” Milla explained to OK! at the premiere of her new film, Resident Evil: Extinction, in theaters today.

The model-turned-actress and her fiancée, director Paul W.S. Anderson, expect their first child, a girl, in November, and while the pregnancy has been challenging, the 31-year-old wouldn’t change it for anything. “I think it’s so incredible to feel my baby moving. Just the whole feeling of being pregnant. I’ve discovered what it is to be a real woman, that’s for sure.”

Clad in a stretch silk jersey dress by her clothing company, Mango, Milla isn’t too concerned about dropping her baby weight after she gives birth, but is “pretty confident” that she’ll “be ready to go and make movies” by the spring.

“I’m definitely not going to take it too quickly," she says. "I don’t want to do anything that’s dangerous for me or my baby."

With press wrapping up for the sci-fi movie now, the Ukrainian-born beauty can prepare for motherhood and hopefully relax a little bit. A self-proclaimed “worrywart,” Milla says friends and family have advised her to take everything one baby step at a time.

“[The best advice was] don’t sweat the small stuff. Just look at the big picture and don’t stress out too much.”

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