British beauty and Oscar winner Rachel Weisz has been engaged to director Darren Aronofsky since 2005 and the couple are parents to son, Henry, 2. But the actress, who lives with The Wrestler director in Brooklyn, NY, are in no hurry to make it official.

"We’re waiting for something special to come along," Darren says. "One day it will happen, hopefully!"

Rachel, who won an Academy Award for her role in The Constant Gardner, starred in Aronofsky’s film, The Fountain. Although they were dating at the time, Rachel recalls that Darren didn’t exactly want her in the film– at first.

"We didn’t talk about  it," she says. "It wasn’t going to happen. It really was all Hugh [Jackman’s] idea that I do the movie with him. It was Hugh who said to Darren, ‘I think Rachel would be really right for this.’ So I have Hugh to thank for the role."

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