While some celebrity moms choose to hand their tots off to nannies and babysitters so they can get back to work on the set of their next project, Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz, whose son Henry celebrates his second birthday on May 31, says that having her child with her while she works is just part of her job as a mother.

"You muddle through and figure it out and get exhausted and keep muddling through," the Constant Gardener star explains in an interview with Reuters from the Malta set of her next film, Agora. "I just joined the ranks of millions of working mums out there and I have great respect for them because there is a lot of juggling to do."

The actress, whose latest film, My Blueberry Nights, is currently making its way into theaters, went straight back to work after giving birth in 2006. "It was 2-1/2 months after I’d had a baby, so it was kind of perfect," she explains about her work on Blueberry. "It was five, six days in Memphis and working with one of my all-time heroes [director Wong Kar-Wai]."

And despite winning an Oscar, being a mom and being engaged to acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky, Rachel says she’s "just getting started… hopefully I’m going to be acting when I’m an old lady."

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