When actress Rashida Jones heard her good pal Nicole Richie was expecting her first baby, the Office star knew exactly what to get the mom-to-be.

“I’ve known Nicole since she was 3,” Rashida, who was there for Nicole’s Wizard of Oz-themed baby shower in November, tells OK!. “I got her a really cute diaper bag that my friend makes from the line Not Rational, and some maternity stuff.”

Rashida, who’s about to star in the new Fox series Unhitched, was thrilled that Nicole and her partner Joel Madden donated their baby shower gifts to young mothers in need through their recently formed Madden-Richie Foundation.

“When we were leaving the shower, there was one of those huge valets shipping out the gifts,” Rashida, 32, tells OK!. “It was cool.”

Both Rashida and Nicole are children of music legends — Nicole’s father is singer Lionel Richie and Rashida’s pop is award-winning producer and composer Quincy Jones, who also happens to be Nicole’s godfather.

And what about Nicole and Joel’s 2-month old baby girl, Harlow? Rashida says she’s "just the most perfect little thing!"

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