While Kevin Federline has been keeping a relatively low profile in recent months, his most recent ex-girlfriend, “model” Nicole Narain, recently gave an interview with Britain’s News of the World that could have the wannabe rapper fuming.

In the interview, Nicole, who first came to notoriety when a sex tape featuring her and another former beau, Colin Farrell, came to light, claims Kevin caught Britney Spears “guzzling vodka and Coke” before breastfeeding then-newborn Jayden. Nicole describes Kevin as being “terrified” and that he was treated “like one of her employees ” in the weeks leading up to their divorce.

Nicole also claims that K-Fed “tried to get Britney to change her ways,” but to no avail and that Kevin still continues to be the worrying dad as “he can’t bear to see them looking stressed, traumatized and disoriented as she carts them off on another jaunt around town, seemingly for no reason.”

It’s unlikely that any of what Nicole says in the interview will have any bearing on the court’s pending decision in the K-Fed/Britney case. However, Hollywood insiders tell OK! it doesn’t reflect well on Kevin. “It won’t help his case in the public arena,” one source explains to OK!. “People won’t think he’s a great dad if he goes around dating a blabbermouth.”

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