According to a report in today’s New York Post, not all is well between the family of late actor Heath Ledger and his former live-in love Michelle Williams, so much so that the Dawson’s Creek star may boycott the July 14 NYC premiere of his film, The Dark Knight.

The source of the tension is reportedly the Oscar-nominated actor’s last will — or rather the fact that he never updated it, even after he fathered a child with Williams. The most recent will on file for the actor was written in 2003, almost two full years before the Oct. 2005 birth of daughter Matilda, and stipulates that his immediate family was to inherit his millions.

And even though it has since been decided that young Matilda will be the beneficiary of her father’s estate, the Post’s source alleges that Michelle is worried about the ability of Heath’s dad, Kim Ledger, to act as executor of the will. According to the report, Kim allegedly mishandled his own inheritance after the passing of his father, losing a large sum of money for himself and his siblings.

Neither the Ledger family nor a rep for Michelle commented on this story to the Post.

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