OMG!! Big news to report!

Zoie rolled over today!

Now, I know that those of you out there that don’t have kids are probably thinking that I’ve lost my mind and obviously need to get a much more exciting life. If so, then read this again after you’ve had a baby and you’ll get much more out of it. 

It was such a huge, proud mama moment for me. I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes and Zoie was on her jungle play mat, lying on her back. Then I started to hear these funny little grunting noises, like she was really trying to do something and when I looked over she had flipped onto her tummy!!

I was so excited, I started clapping and jumping up and down. I then ran and grabbed Cody and said, “she’s rolling!!”

When we ran back in, she was on her tummy doing a little mini push-up. It was amazing! I’ve really learned to appreciate the little things like this in life now. To think that all of us started out not even able to roll over, it’s pretty fantastic to think what we can do! 

But now I have to figure out how to keep her on her back when she sleeps. When I called my mom and Cody’s mom, they both said this is going to start a whole new stage of life for her and she’ll never just be that little “potato” again! 

So, that’s my big “mommy news” for the day. Oh yeah, and that goal I had of “couples time” for Cody and my anniversary? Totally accomplished!

It was so nice, just hanging out, watching movies and being together. He got me beautiful pink and white roses too! So sweet. 

The past few days have been great, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

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