New mother Salma Hayek is speaking out against deadly disease in her role as spokeswoman for the Pampers/UNICEF’s campaign to eliminate tetanus, which kills a newborn baby every three minutes in a poor country, according to the Associated Press.


"I had no idea how much it was going to really personally move me … to actually see it in Sierra Leone," Salma said at a news conference in Geneva. She recently visited Sierra Leone as part of a vaccination drive battling the disease.


Tetanus is no longer a problem industrial countries, but it’s blamed for the deaths of 140,000 babies a year and 30,000 mothers in 50 countries around the world, according to UNICEF. Procter & Gamble has pledged to donate a vaccine for every specially-marked pack of Pampers diapers sold throughout the year’s end.

"You cannot protect a child at birth against tetanus unless you immunize the mother during the pregnancy or before," said UNICEF expert Francois Gasse.

Salma recently became a mother, giving birth to daughter Valentina last year, who’s father is Francois-Henri Pinault, a French businessman.

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