It’s hard enough being a working mom with a 1-year-old baby, but add in a busy tour schedule and you’ve got a quite the challenge. Sheryl Crow talked to OK! about life on the road with her son Wyatt and how she manages to keep it all together.

“I’m lucky my job starts after Wyatt’s gone to bed. And I get to wake up with him in the morning – it’s a pretty sweet arrangement,” Sheryl tells OK!. “His crib is right across from my bunk on the bus, and we’re joined at the hip.”

Spending your days on the road requires certain necessities, and for Sheryl, those must-haves come down to a few simple things: “all three seasons of Arrested Development, Bud Light beer and a humidifier. Plus, a washer and dryer – when you have a little guy it’s constant laundry.”

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