Jennifer Lopez is approximately two months away from doubling her family with twins. However, double the fun is also double the trouble, but fellow mother to twins Tilda Swinton has some advice for the expectant mom.

"Just always remember at 4 o’clock in the morning that some people have three [kids]," she tells OK! at the National Board of Review banquet. "Say it over and over again like a mantra. ‘Some people have three, some people have three…’"

The 47-year-old is mother to fraternal twins, daughter Honor and son Xavier with husband John Byrne, and  these days the siblings are "into being ten. They’re climbing up trees and in bushes. They’re into train sets and having a tortoise."

Tilda was on hand at the awards to honor her Michael Clayton co-star George Clooney, who was named best actor. So what’s it like working with him?

"He’s just a dude, and he’s completely settled in his own life," she says. "That helps, when someone’s really happy. They’re really relaxed, and it’s easy to be relaxed around them. He’s become a friend of mine. I’ve just made two films with him, and I’m the lucky one."

The other film is this year’s Burn After Reading, which also stars Brad Pitt, and don’t think for one second Tilda doesn’t know how lucky she is to share the screen with the two hunks.

"I’m not complaining," she says. "I’m not complaining about any of this."

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