Not every woman who has pulled up a seat on The View has fit right in, so Tori Spelling figured the best way to be one of the girls during her guest-hosting gig on Tuesday was to be herself. “It was great!” Tori tells OK!

“I was nervous at first. It was something I was scared to do, so I wanted to do it. All those women have big personalities and they’re very opinionated, so I thought I have to go in there and bring my voice,” she told OK! as we chatted with her at the Around The Clock Beauty.Com Shop-Free One Day Event. “I went in there and they made me feel very comfortable!,” she added.

Naturally, since the event we were at was all about beauty, we had to find out Tori’s secret to always looking so good. “I don’t know if it’s a secret, but I love Biosilk,” she admits. “It’s great because you can carry it in your purse, so you can tame last-minute fly-aways, and also it doubles as a skin moisturizer. It’s two in one, and it has a nice fragrance as well.”

As great a product as it may be, we know it’s not helping the mother of eight-month-old Liam stay so thin! That’s another not-so-secret—and it has nothing to do with working out!

“I’m just on the Nutrisystem maintenance program, and just pairing that with healthy meals. I’m not a huge fan of working out. But lucky enough I have a busy lifestyle. With the baby and working and running an inn, it keeps me in shape, I would say.”

By Jocelyn Vena

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