Four months into motherhood and Trista Sutter still can’t sleep a wink. The Bachelorette, who welcomed son Maxwell Alston, with husband Ryan Sutter, on July 26, tells in a video series that she’s surprised how hard it would be to find some snooze time.

“Sleeping or lack thereof — trying to get him to sleep through the night is a pretty difficult task,” Trista says.

But don’t think the 35-year-old handbag designer is complaining since she has been longing for a baby since her days on The Bachelor. The road to becoming a mom, though long and hard as Trista had trouble conceiving, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy and suffered from HELLP syndrome and pre-eclampsia at 36 weeks, forcing a c-section delivery.

“He’s still on oxygen back home in Colorado… because he was born a little bit early,” she says. “He just needs a little extra help.”

But Max is still a healthy and growing boy. Ever the proud mom, Trista declares, “he’s in his second percentile for weight, fifth for height, and 25th for his head.”

As for her marriage, Trista admits it’s difficult getting their sex life back on track, partially due to the six-week wait from her c-section.

“You want to get back to your normal relationship with your husband and I think that in my relationship sex is a big part of that,” she says. “It’s definitely a work in progress and we’re working to get back to it, but it takes time.”

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